St. Three kings church at Brunk



The oldest succursal church in the parish of Radeče and a popular pilgrimage post, also mentioned by Primož Trubar in his writings.

  • the oldest succursal church in the Radeče parish
  • gorgeous views
  • popular pilgrimage site
  • Gothic hall church
  • mentioned by Primož Trubarin his writings

The oldest succursal church of the Radeče parish stands in the small village of Brunk. Brunk is a village at an altitude of 560m and stands right on the border between Sevnica and Radeče municipalities. It has an exceptional location with beautiful views of almost half of Slovenia. 

Popular pilgrimage site

The popular pilgrimage site at Brunk actually consists of two churches, the smaller one is dedicated to Mary and dates from 1512. In 1944 it was bombed and badly damaged. The second, larger church is dedicated to St. Three kings and is a late Gothic building with a three naves and a large presbytery.

Newer times and other art movements are also visible in the construction of the church. The coat of arms built above the altar in the north nave shows that the counts from Novi grad (lit. transl. New castle) helped with the construction of the church. The stone slab in the nave indicates that the counts were most likely also buried in the church. 

The five diverse altars in the church represent a veritable treasure trove of human creation with influences from periods ranging from the late Gothic to the Renaissance and Rococo. The main altar is an example of a golden altar and was erected in 1684. 

Between the two churches there is a mighty bell tower with a picturesque pointed roof, built in the 17th century.

Primož Trubar and why there is no third church at Brunk

Church of St. Three kings was also metioned in his writings by Primož Trubar. In the 16th century, when he was appointed to serve nearby, they wanted to build a third church on Brunk, which he vehemently opposed and allegedly prevented the construction.


St. Three kings church

1433 Radeče

051 232 778 (Mr. Miro Bergelj, parish priest)
03 56 87 941 (KTRC Radeče)


A tour is possible upon prior arrangement with KTRC Radeče or Mr. Miro Bergelj, the parish priest. 


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