Radeče farmers market and vertical herb garden



Experience the lively atmosphere at the Radeče farmers market. A colorful place for healthy shopping, a place to meet and socialize. Farmers market with a soul, adorned with a very special vertical herb garden. 

  • buy quality and safe food nakupite kakovostno in varno hrano
  • local and regional production offer
  • a modern market in the old town
  • numerous tasting events and diverse culinary concepts
  • a vertical herb garden where you can pluck fresh twigs of spices and herbs for free

Radeče farmers market is one of the liveliest places in Radeče. It came to life only in 2015, as part of the Posavska špajza (Posavje pantry) project. In this short time, however, it quickly became popular with both locals and tourists.

Rich offer of locally and regionally produced food

Stop at Radeče farmers market and buy varied, quality and safe food. Most providers sell locally and regionally grown food. In this way, the market encourages entrepreneurship in rural areas and local self-sufficiency. It strengthens the position of regional farms and, in practice, lives and breathes sustainability.

A special feature of the Radeče farmers market

A special feature of Radeče farmers market is its vertical herb garden. The only such garden in Slovenia boasts a diverse selection of planted herbs and spices. Visitors of the Radeče farmers market can pick fresh herb twigs for free at any time, thus improving the taste of the ingredients purchased at the market. 

Taste a variety of culinary delights

The market also follows various culinary concepts with numerous tasting events and is successfully intertwined with tourism. For more information about the events, follow the Radeče farmers market Facebook page.

The Vsi na plac! project also made an important contribution to the popularity of Radeče farmers market, encouraging the consumption of locally grown food and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 


Radeče farmers market

Starograjska ulica 7
1433 Radeče

03 56 87 941

Weekly lists of providers are available at the Radeče farmers market Facebook page.


Tuesday: 18.00 – 18.30*

Friday: 18.00 – 18.30*

Saturday: 8.00 – 11.30

*Tuesday's and Friday's timetable varies depending on the season.