Timber raft cruises on the Sava river

Radeče from the river surface - Embark on a one-of-a-kind experience with the Radeče rafters, enjoy the beautiful views and discover the traditions of our grandfathers.

  • rafters' welcome (salt, bread and blueberry schnapps)
  • 2,5 hour long timber raft cruise
  • the raft accommodates up to 70 people
  • cruise route Radeče - Zidani Most - Radeče
  • rafters' goulash and drinks (Blaufränkisch, mineral water, juice)
  • guided tour with music
  • suitable for groups, other arrangements possible
  • rafters' initiation ritual with a funny note

The Sava River significantly contributed to the development of Radeče

The Sava River has always significantly contributed to the development of communities on its banks. It used to be an important transport route for a variety of merchandise, but especially lively was the timber trade, which was transported from the Upper Savinja Valley by river rafts - flosi (derived from German, where das Floß stands for the timber raft) - all the way to the Black Sea. One of the main timber rafting ports on the Sava River was Radeče. 

Cruise with the Radeče rafters

On a two-and-a-half-hour raft cruise, you will be able to listen to rafters' adventures and mishaps. What dangers threatened them along the way and with what mischievous habits they tried to ignore their daily troubles. Through storytelling, music and dance, you will get to experience how timber rafting looked like in the past. 

You will also not leave the timber raft hungry, as you will be served a delicious rafters' goulash

At the end, a real rafter's initiation awaits you. It is a humorous custom of accepting newbies among experienced flossers.

Welcome aboard Radeče timber raft!


Timber raft cruises on the Sava river - Savus timber raft port

Trg 15
1433 Radeče

03 56 87 941

Bus parking space coordinates:

46°03'57.8"N 15°11'10.0"E |
46.066043, 15.186121
46°04'00.6"N 15°10'56.9"E |
46.066828, 15.182461

Timber raft cruise is possible from april to october upon prior arrangement. The cruise program can be tailored to your groups' wantes and needs.