Land of gnomes



Experience something new in a fairyland where good creatures live. Good creatures that bring happiness, positive energy and spread children's playfulness.

  • an extensive collection of approx. 600 garden gnomes
  • suitable for families, individual guests and groups

Welcome to a true fairyland

Just over 150 inhabitants live on the steep Jelovo hills above Radeče. The number grows quickly if we add to it the collection of around 600 garden gnomes and their animal and fairy-tale friends, cared for by amateur collectors Marinka Zorec and Jože Vitasovič.

They have magical power and live to a great age

The Land of gnomes will not leave you indifferent, it is really colorful and diverse. A few hundred creatures of short and stocky frame, friendly and cheerful faces, shy and mischievous nature. There are Snow Whites, Little Red Riding Hoods, grandmothers and grandfathers, couples in love, miner gnomes and blacksmith gnomes ... Their animal company is also diverse - you will be greeted by white swans, hens, roosters, ducks, bunnies ... 

Allow yourself to step away to a different time and place

A retreat into silence, a retreat into the embrace of lush flowers and fairy-tale creatures. The group is waiting for you on both sides of the country road! 


Land of gnomes

Jelovo 35
1433 Radeče


070 846 572 (Ms. Marinka Zorec)
03 56 87 941 (KTRC Radeče)