When the serenity along the Sava River is interrupted by the squealing sound of a brake in the fishing reel and the line quickly disappears into the depths, the heart rejoices.

  • 2 km long fishing trail
  • a fishing license is required
  • accessible to people with disability
  • a unique fishing experience in the company of an experienced fisherman

One of the most beautiful and longest fishing trails in Europe

Radeče boasts one of the most beautiful and longest fishing trails in Europe. The 2 km long trail is intertwined with the Savus educational trail all the way to the end of the Hotemež field, where the Didactic Circle begins. A well-maintained trail for the disabled also enables vulnerable populations to safely engage in fishing. 

Allow serenity, water, pure nature and the singing of birds in an idyllic ambience to take you away from the many worries of everyday life.

Try your hand at fishing

The fish life in the Sava river is varied, here you can find chubs, barbels, carps, common roach, pikes, catfish, common bleaks, perch and many others. A license is required for fishing. The purchase is possible at the PETROL petrol station (main road from Radeče to Sevnica), at the restaurant Strnad in Hotemež and at

A unique experience is fishing in the company of an experienced fisherman. Together you will prepare the fish and taste its richnessh on Sava river banks. 

Recreational fishing and competitions

For the more experienced, the Radeče fishing trail offers recreational fishing and competitions organized by the Fishing Club Radeče. In its almost straight line, the trail provides equal conditions for all competitors and is one of the best trails for coarse angling competitions. 

If you are not a fisherman yourself, we suggest taking a walk along the Savus educational trail and enjoying while just watching one of the fishing competitions. 


Radeče fishing trail – starting point

Hotemež 30
1433 Radeče

03 56 87 941