Gašper's chestnut tree



The over 300-year-old tree giant is the thickest sweet chestnut in Slovenia. It is a silent witness to the simple persistence and peaceful continuance. 

  • the thickest sweet chestnut tree
  • the thickest tree in Slovenia
  • circumference: 11,1 m
  • height: 18 m
  • more than 300 years old tree
  • protected natural value of national concern

Castanea sativa, in this case better known as Gašper's chestnut tree, grows at an altitude of 475 meters in the settlement of Močilno in the vicinity of Radeče. It is the thickest sweet chestnut tree in Slovenia. According to measurements from 2019, when its circumference was measured at 11.10 meters at chest height, it also became the thickest tree in Slovenia. The tree giant is branched into four trunks and reaches 18 meters high, and its age is estimated to be more than 300 years. 

Protected natural pearl of national concern

Gašper's chestnut tree is protected as a natural value of national concern, and by a decree of the Municipality of Radeče from 1998 it was declared a dendrological monument. The agreement reached in 2015 obliges its signatories to continue to take care of the vitality of the tree. 


KTRC Radeče

Ulica Milana Majcna 1
1433 Radeče

03 56 87 941

Prior notice is required to visit. Not suitable for buses.



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