Sopota valley



A picturesque torrential valley, in which water mills, sawmills, glass factories and blacksmiths have been rumbling until recently.

  • the Sopota river measures 18 km and originates at 760 meters above sea level
  • in Radeče it flows into the Sava river
  • home to brown and rainbow trout and the protected stone crayfish
  • waterfalls and rapids formed a wild and narrow valley
  • Vidrna peč - the narrowest and most picturesque part of the valley

The Sopota river originates at 760 meters above sea level and is a total of 18 kilometers long. 

In Radeče it flows into the Sava river as a right-bank tributary, and on its way between steep and sharp slopes it overcomes more than 500 meters of altitude. The Sopota watercourse is fed by numerous tributaries (Sušjek, Glažuta, Murnov graben, Rapovšca). It is home to brown trout, as well as rainbow trout and endangered and protected stone crayfish

Persistant as water

The waterfalls and rapids of Sopota river have formed a wild, narrow and picturesque valley that tells a complex geological story. Particularly picturesque and at the same time the narrowest part of the valley is the dolomite gorge Vidrna peč, a beautiful natural display of how water creates its way through many years of persistence. 

Once a strategic road, today only traces remain

Along the Sopota river, an important strategic route to Ljubljana once led, but with the arrival of more modern connections it lost its importance. Proof of the importance and once vivid life in the valley is the architectural heritage left behind - the remains of many mills, sawmills, glass factories and blacksmiths. 


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