Dvor park



Stroll through the labyrinth of green masterpieces, under the canopy of enchanting trees created by man and nature over the decades.

  • a beautiful manor park from the 19th century
  • natural value of local importance
  • exotic trees and shrubs

The manor park, now declared a natural value of local importance, was built in the second half of the 19th century.

It is another exceptional natural feature hidden by the Sava river banks in Radeče. The beautiful park stretches around the Dvor manor and is designed in a typical English landscape style. The trees that adorn it were imported mainly from Trieste and the Ljubljana Botanical Garden.

Centuries-old exotic trees that will enchant you

The network of paths and trails, among which park trees are clustered or individually planted, runs all the way to the Sava river. Among the centuries-old exotic trees and shrubs in the middle of the park, a giant linden tree reigns. There are also yews, birches, mulberry trees, giant swamp cypresses, a beautiful weeping beech tree with sweeping, pendulous branches ...  And one of the most beautiful trees you can find in the park is the weeping Japanese pagoda tree.

The Savus educational path will lead you through Dvor Park as well. 


KTRC Radeče

Ulica Milana Majcna 1
1433 Radeče

03 56 87 941

An independent tour of the park is possible. Upon prior arrangement with KTRC Radeče, it is possible to visit the park as part of the guided tour of the Savus educational trail as well.